Maranatha-Carlisle is a nonprofit ministry providing expense management and budgetary assistance. The organization has been helping folks in the greater Carlisle area live financially independent lives since 2003! Simply put, Maranatha takes in a client’s income and pays their bills with their own money. They help clients prioritize their needs and discipline their spending by developing realistic budgets. Maranatha-Carlisle offers a “hand up, not a hand out”. It is a United Way agency founded by a group of Samaritan Fellowship volunteers.  This cart of used clothing was just sent off to Community Aid and C-Luv is proud to be a contributor to this cause. If you have gently used clothing that you would like to donate, please reach out to Matthew Wagner, Communication and Development Manager at Maranatha-Carlisle to arrange for delivery or pickup.  Maranatha-Carlisle is located at 20 North Hanover Street and the phone number is (717) 258-1000.