Being a part of the Carlisle community is both a privilege and a blessing.  C LUV Thrift is so very grateful for the support we have received from our friends, family, and neighbors. We are always looking for ways to give back to this community that we love so dearly. Here are a few of the program initiatives we’ve created as well as some of the organizations we support.

C LUV has wonderful program we use to give back to the CASD elementary schools. PuraVida bracelets are very popular right now. We purchase custom made bracelets in Carlisle Colors to sell in our store. When each bracelet is purchased, $5 goes to a local elementary school. Every month a new Elementary School is chosen to receive a check. So far we have donated to LeTort (May), Mooreland (June & July), Hamilton (August), and Bellaire (September). The proceeds in October will go to Crestview.

C LUV is proud to give a name to a program we have had since we opened. We realize how blessed we were as school kids and we feel there is no need for any child to be without proper clothing. The principal of each CASD school has received an email to share with their nurses, counselors and other staff. If there is ever a student in need, whether it be for a coat, shoes, or an entire wardrobe, C LUV will open its doors (after hours if the family prefers) and allow the student(s) to have ANY items in the store that are the property of C LUV. This includes any donations we have in addition to any consigned items that have remained in the store past their expiration date. The items are easily identified by a green tag or a green dot on the back of a different colored tag.